Targa, as a workplace singularity platform, has partnered with many of the premiere cloud companies, system integrators, mobile operating systems, business intelligence platforms, and 3rd party apps. Leveraging the network of partners, Targa’s ability to auto sync the business process, consolidate resources and automate work is unmatched, propelling workforce capacity and capability to new heights.

To ensure the firm’s success, the leadership team needs associates, board members, and partners that can provide sage advice along our journey. There is no more valuable resource to guide our way forward than our partnership with Gartner.

Invited by them to join their “Tech CEO Program” in September 2017, their analysts act as our “trusted” advisers in every aspect of our business. This off-the-grid program is offered to a select group of early stage companies like Targa that meet specific criteria. Upon qualifying, they deemed Targa to be, “An early stage company with a unique technology and a high propensity for growth.” Our relationship with them has proven to be invaluable as we have total access to analysts around the globe to assist us in four core areas:

1. Product Strategy & Positioning
2. Customer Acquisition
3. Organizational Performance
4. Corporate Governance

Besides acting as our trusted advisers, they help open doors, e.g. System Integrators like Deloitte, PWC, Accenture; cloud companies like Salesforce and Workday.

Albeit they cannot directly sell Targa, they can recommend to vendors and clients within their ecosystem to consider looking at Targa, which has worked very well. Below is the Gartner Gameboard used to manage our relationship.