About Targa

About Targa

TARGA, unlike any other SaaS solution incorporates advanced technologies such as AI, ML, RPA Automation, Chatbot and Block Chain. But beyond leveraging advanced technology what makes the platform so special is the unique way in which the technologies work synergistically to make work smart and simplify workplace complexity.

Targa is divided into five distinct yet interconnected segments that work in tandem to drive the collaborative process, maximize performance, and move the organization closer towards excellence. Let’s take a brief look at each segment and see how each helps to accomplish this end.

1. Auto-sync the process:
Using the 5-step plan for Planning approach to center the collaborative process – goal groups, goals, strategies, initiatives, and action items – the platform automatically synchronizes all the activities involved in each step. This keeps workers on the same page from planning through execution using a common process with a common language. This is how to make work smart!

2. Integrate resources:
Critical resources e.g., workflow tools like One Note, Google Sheets, Smartsheet and critical third-party apps to run the operations like Salesforce.com, Workday or Trillo are consolidated on the platform. Information residing in them can be integrated into the Plan for Planning process and to each other. This is how to make work smart!

Automate work

3. Automate work:
Custom action robots on the platform work alongside humans and work between themselves to enable the organization to do more with less. A simple example of this would be the automation of meetings. The platform’s meeting robot sets the agenda, coordinates calendars, takes notes, captures action items and sends alerts to workers assigned to them with no human involvement. This is how to make work smart!

Predict the future

4. Predict The Future:
As work is being performed on the platform by humans or robots, performance data is automatically collected in the background. A platform-specific analytics robot analyzes the data and predicts future performance. With a 95 percent accuracy rate, this helps leaders to manage the direction of performance and to quickly react to fluid market and competitive conditions. This is how to make work smart!

Manage Hands-free

5. Manage Hands-Free:
In the future, managing the business through voice activated technology is a fait accompli. Hubbi, is the first Performance Command Chatbot of its kind to accomplishes this objective. Available on any mobile device – Android, iPhone, Alexa and even in the car dashboard through Android Auto and Apple Car Play, this game changer enables the “anywhere anytime workforce” concept to evolve as futurist have predicted. This is how to make work smart!

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TARGA is a leadership game changer. No other performance SaaS solution on the market today even comes close. It redefines how the organization connects the dots between goal setting and execution automating much of the business process along the way to deliver hyper performance.

TARGA addresses a global problem that affects companies in every industry and of every size. As the “wave of resistance” continues to grow, poor performance is on the increase and TARGA is purposed-built to reverse this trend.