Performance Automation Platform

Control business performance at the speed of light on any device – and ‘Make Work Smart’.

Performance anywhere.

The first Business Performance, voice-activated Command ChatBot linked to your IOS, Android, Alexa, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

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Here’s how it works.

Synchronize to succeed.

Auto sync the 
business process.

Monitor to succeed.

Predict the future.

Measure to succeed.

Automate low-value work.

Automate to succeed.

Integrate critical 3rd-party apps.

Here’s what they’re saying
about us.

Richard Chamberlain

Manager, Research Performance

As one of the first Targa adopters, for me and my team it has proven to be a lifesaver. It has reduced by 50% the time required to simultaneously manage 40 to 50 research projects.

Richard Chamberlain

Research Performance Manager
, Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Targa is a simple to use workplace game-changer! Leaders love it because they can instantly view progress-to-goal in real time using a One-Click 360 option that controls the ongoing direction of performance.

Kevin Bostwick

Research Dept Project Consultant
, CHOC Hospitals

[Using Targa], it takes me only about 7 minutes every day to update my To Do and keep ahead of the game. Once I learned how to use Targa, the time I’m saving managing my initiatives is over 50%

Andrew Scholl

Open Territories Manager, Gartner Inc.

Targa has been identified by Gartner as an emerging technology provider with a high propensity for growth.

Jay Dalpias

 Technology Program Manager, Chrome Enterprise Partnerships 
Alphabet, Inc.

Targa brings a very exciting product to our partners program.


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